Learn my Secrets to Sweet Singing!

My course is UNIQUE because it offers you keys to vocal tone that is strong, pure and NATURAL. You can discover what YOU truly sound like!


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"Ben helped me! I was stunned at the new freedom I had in my voice after just a few weeks."

Jennifer Adams
Gained enough confidence to record two songs for her wedding!

Easy to Follow

My way of explaining and illustrating is designed to break everything down into bite-sized parts. No complicated jargon you can't understand!

Increase Your Power

These methods of singing aren't based on the latest fad. They come from generations of principles designed to help singers be their best.

Targeted for You

Whether you are a beginner wanting to get a head-start on everyone, or if you are an intermediate wanting to take the next step: this course can help you!

Learn My Secrets!

There are reasons I've been able to perform over 6,000 times. I had great training at an early age, but I've remained a student through the decades, learning more and more! AND NOW I want to share what I've learned with you! I've experienced both good AND bad vocal coaching, so I know what to look for.

"I was having vocal problems and God allowed our paths to cross. I'm so grateful for the help I received from Ben and Amanda!"

Christy Galkin
professional singer with Galkin Evangelistic Ministries


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